Home Office Layouts.

Designing a home office....first needed to layout it. Different kind of layouts are useful in different kind of planning and furniture placement according to the give space , size and shape. 

Basic office setting..... most common and simple. 

Corner ..... office settings..... usually useful for 2 door rooms ... or having 2 big windows. 

Home office shared with your bedroom.....always needs a partition.. or some privacy when sharing space with your personal side. 

Full fledged working space.... with Md's chair.. waiting area.. file cabinet .. etc. Mini office layout for your home work requirements. 

Circular ..or kind of corner office setting..... when your space has the shape of circle ..or semi circle. 

T-Shaped home office setting .. another way to accommodate two people in one room. with a common middle slap sharing. 

U Shaped office setting when you need to accommodate .. 2 working chairs with a Md's table.. at home.

Interesting ........isn't it.. !! Plans are made according to the space given ..of different shape and size. Secondly.. requirement is 2nd basic step to be followed according to the clients work and work structure (profession). 

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