New Year Renovation Idea's.

New year time ... give in a renovated look to your old home without much of the expenditure and hard-work  Lets start with simply changing ..or imprinting new designs on present walls..and colors. Simple home textures.. creating one sided strips on wall .. etc. can make a huge difference to your present design and decor of the habitat and offices.

For more of the look at the texture side.. simply .. texture a full wall ..and let the 3 walls be painted in simple and sober colors. You will feel the change .. and let the wall express the feeling of new year and renovation. 

Besides ..painting ..or adding anything new to your present wall colors.. one more option is there to beautify your present interiors ..with a new looks.. and its........simply... dressing your windows and doors with new curtains.. and hangings.

Let your old curtains take rest.. keep them aside for a while.. or months... ! Simply replace the oldies with new curtain designs and fabrics get a marvelous and attractive change in your interiors. Let your living room... bed room.. family room..breath fresh and cool...with the new collection of window dressings.

Changing your present furniture not a good idea.. !! But yaa.. you can make little small changes with your old furniture.. give them a new look.. by changing is old handles .. laminates .. glass etc. Which ever is required and can fill in the empty place of "Change".

Check out the variety of designs available in your city market for different kind of furniture handles.. laminates .. glass etc. Simple changes can bring in the big differences and a super new look ..without much of the expenses.

For more easier and simple way.. just cover your present floor with different types of rugs.. or carpets. Let your floors speak the language of comfort and design. 

Floor coverings ...are always a good idea to give a new look. Renovation always doesn't mean the reconstruction of whole space or area. At times... it is simply adding beauty to your old valuable designs and idea's.. after all "old is gold".. and adding beauty to golden designs is simply...awesome.. !! So, welcome your new year with a new look of your home office and residence. 

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