Office Corridor Design Idea's.

Office corridor ... the silent path move in to rooms... from one place to another ... yet need to have some and calm designs around. Keep it sophisticated, touchy with formal feel.. use of textured laminates, texture paints, glass etc. can be one of the magical tool to get that feel. 

Apart from material ... for walls .. keep the flooring matched up with the wall themes.. keep the material resilient .. and material which is long lasting. 

Keep them spacey ..well ventilated.. well illuminated by good source of natural light and artificial illumination .. summer up with light and soft tints of colors get more of a formal decent look. 

Use of mirrors, some seating.. textured glasses as partition walls, steel channels to support with .. etc. can be used to get a desired and appreciable looks. 
Office corridors are silent ..but make them speak with designs... !!


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