Windowsill design idea's.

Window sill designs for a different..will utilized and comfortable window inner opening and views. Turn your window sills to a really useful and wonderful seating.. or designer corner ..rather than just leaving it as an architectural work. 

Take advantage of holiday and festive seasons... design and decor it with different glittery bottles, hangings, crystal items, etc. 

Change the designs and decors of the windowsill according to the changing seasons.. occasions.. etc. Easy and flexible to change. No constructional or architectural changes required ..just few ideas to apply with creative angle and get a new corner every time you need it. 

Let the winters get a warmish and cozy windowsill welcome chilly waves of air.. ringing sweet sound of winters.. n keep it calm and cool with floral decors for summer freshness.

Create a seating area ..attached to windowsill... its like getting connected to outside world.. without stepping out .. and giving yourself a relaxing and peaceful time for a change .. or to stole some moments of love ..smiles .. with your family and loved one. Few architectural components and construction when used and utilized properly..can bring out the colors of unimaginably and amazing designs and decor. Do not limit yourself.. just design the world of your dreams. 

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