Cottage Exteriors Design.

Cottage exterior idea's .. cottage look.. a country and traditional cool look for any home, residence.. bungalow...etc. Gives a true feeling of "coming back home" after a long time. 

One of the best way to let your steps come back home.. for a relaxing welcome.. whose impressions are so strong and unique that you can't come out the feeling of being welcomed back in such a warm way. 

Cottage look simply comes with a country style door.. arches at doors and windows, dormer windows, bay windows, half open windows.. placement of  flowers at exteriors.. great landscape.. even at a small area.. some pebbles to go with it.. attic roofs.. etc. Simple and elegant formula to keep your home new and fresh forever.

Pinch of traditional work... some from the period of roman's, few things from the world of Greeks and Gothics..  a bite from self created traditional designs.. are sufficient enough to get the flavor of your very own cottage world. 

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