Indian Kitchen Design.

Kitchens.... place of delicious cooking ... warm serving  and giving nutritious sweet life to your family members. Every caste, religion , tradition has their own specific requirement and needs to be fulfilled in their respective kitchen area. Lets talk about .. " Indian kitchen" .. its a place where most of the spicy and fresh cooking takes place. 

Indian kitchen experience most of the spicy and oily work of food .. preserving pickles, storing some important grains, spices, rice, vegetables, fruits etc. You need to give that kind of different 

  • Storage space for different items.
  • Ample of space to work in for cutting and chopping.
  • Good work triangle to maintain healthy working atmosphere in the kitchen.
  • Microwave stand or slab.
  • Provide a slab beside refrigerator. 

To keep the kitchen cool and clam ..make sure of these particular things . 

  • Using light and sober colors for walls and furniture laminates.
  • Do not forget to install a chimney. 
  • Keep up some provision for quick and cool ventilation. 
  • Proper exposure to natural light and installation of proper artificial lights are important.

If possible according to the size and shape of the kitchen try to accommodate an extra slab or folding table as it can serve as  snacks eating counter. If you cant provide a chimney do accommodate an exhaust fan for the evacuation of extra smoke and oily steam, smells etc. 
Make Indian cooking more delicious and amazing with proper and comfortable designing, providing right kind of accessories, storage, space and decor. 

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