Amazing Use of space - Under the stairs.

Small space .. or big space.. in a room , in a hall, a nook or a niche .. whatever it may be, but a space is a space and designers should take full on advantage to design it and make it really worth it..! 
Its always pleasure designing space.. but it becomes more interesting and full of fun ..when space is under the stair case.. some cramped.. and nook style space. Turn your vacant under the stair case space into :

  • A mini bar
  • Mini reading space

  • Small playing space for the kids.
  • Storage area.
  • Even a kitchen counter.

  • Have an attic office area. (working from home)
  • Create a wall unit for living area or family room.

Space may be small.. but let your ideas and imagination get a bigger picture of reality. In such a world of cramped area.. we need to enlarge our imagination size to fit in to the exiting space. Do not waste it, practical use of space with style and functionality is call of modern compact sweet spaces.

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