Bachelor's Bedroom Design Tips.

Single bedroom designs ideas for bachelor. Few tips make their living more simpler and more manageable. 

  • Avoid any kind of complicated storage or cabinet system. 
  • Avoid any kind of flower vase, greenery etc. to keep the room clean and mess free. Bachelors don't have to manage up all these things.

  • Accommodate simple bed design which is easy to manage.
  • Let the furniture be of rough tough composition. 
  • Paint the room with light colors .. light blue, yellow, green, white etc. 

  • Avoid any decorative kind of furnishing sheets, slip covers, curtains. Keep it as simple as you can. 
  • Add in some textures to the wall or place some wonderful paintings, pictures, etc. to add life to the room. 
  • Ditch high maintenance furniture, accessories, etc. As they are always busy with work and other things. They don't find time to give too much to their rooms. 

  • Light up the room properly for a brighter side. 
  • Placement of table lamps, hanging lights etc. always add pinch of flavor to life. 
They like their room to be more personal and a place which asks for low maintenance. You need to fulfill their simple needs in an intelligent and interesting manner. 

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