Boys Room Design Tips.

Designing boy's room is one of the most simplest and complex work to do. Keep it rough tough ..but at the same time..maintain the emotional balance to give him soft corners to relax. 

  • Give them a good personal space.
  • Grant them good play space to explore, be active. 
  • Shelves everywhere! Make them responsible. 
  • Alot them a good study space. 
  • Keep the space more open then being compact. Let their spirits touch the sky with the freedom of living. 

Teenage boys are free-spirited. They have a very strong feeling towards their personal space. They want their room to be the extension of their own style and personality. For these young men, a bedroom is their own personal space, their sanctuary.So, you are not just designing for a boy.... are designing for a man to be. :)

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