Girls Room Design Ideas.

Designing a room for your daughter, sister, friend ..etc. can become more peppy and interesting if you follow some simple sweet rules to create a magical space for them. 
  • Girls love pink.. but don't forget they love other colors too. Try to come out of just pink for a girls room. Browse their interest and make a better place for them.
  • Think beyond pale pinks and floral's -- experiment with mixing bolder colors and patterns.
  • Keep the room decor with soft colors. Let the walls speak purity of her heart. 
  • Bold color combinations such as orange, red and pinks are appropriate for all ages.
  • Wall stencils or murals can work, with a restrained eye.
  • An eclectic mix of colors, accessories, furniture etc. can bring a bright and fresh look to the room. 

  • White is a girl's best friend. When in doubt, mix white and ivory with muted tones to create a chic, feminine space.
  • Wall paper + bright accessories + graphic rugs = Winners..!
  • Girly touches are tempered by sophisticated furniture and rugs.
  • Don't forget the lighting as well. A magical chandelier can create a whimsical feel. A table lamp gives its special touch to the room. 

Easy and interesting ..isn't it.. ! That's what a girl is also... simple in her own manner.. easy if understood properly ... and cool and calm by her deeds. Pull in her simplicity and sophistication to her room.. you will find the magic created itself. 

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