Kids room window treatment.

Kids room always a special place to adore and pamper. A perfect kids room comes out with smooth soft designing, appropriate architectural work, proper placement of door and windows and last but not the least.. furniture placement. 
Windows play an essential role to smooth-en up the designing of kids room. Good window placement with amazing window treatments is like putting up cheery on the top of the cake. Simply dress the windows with:
  • Soft fabrics.
  • Bright colored fabrics for a good cocktail with wall paints.

  • Can put in fabrics with bird prints, animal prints, butterfly or cartoon prints etc. to cheer up your kids room decor.
  • Placing a soft toy at a vacant corner of the window to engage the space with cuteness and sweetness.

  • Draperies or horizontal cute printed blinds are always a royal sweet idea to dress kids room window.
  • Window fabric colors should be in blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, red (but all in their tints form). 

  • Window of teens room can be adored with cushions,seating mat if have bay window than a proper sitting arrangement can be done to provide an extra seating place. 

  • Colorful stripped curtain or horizontal blind is an awesome idea to implement and let the sun rays be welcomed in a colorful mood. 

A window is a big space which can carry smoothly all the designing and decor effects if they are being implemented smoothly and amazingly. It also helps room look bigger in size if the room area is small. 
So, do not just pamper your kids... pamper their rooms as well to give them a beautiful world to enjoy and grow up. 

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