Living room Furniture.

Living room furniture is a key tool to add life to the living area. A good arrangement and selection of furniture provides life and on the other hand... some crappy selection can ruin up over all life of the space. 

Keep it as simple as possible. Arrange the furniture according to the room size to keep it proportionate and well harmonized with other accessories and over all decor.

Keep the coffee table / center table big .. as much as possible. As it serves well to all the side sitting people.“If you can’t go too big because you have a narrow living room, then go skinny but long.” 

“Go as high as you can possibly go,” when it comes to curtains. It makes the ceiling seem lot higher and expands the room as well. Match it up with furniture or wall colors to get that well settled harmony & rhythm .

If you can't place full length sofa, L shaped sofa or U shaped furniture .. single chairs, sofa's , bamboo furniture etc are always helpful to put in the grace to the room.

Furniture placement is a simple yet a clever play. Make sure to grace up your living area with furniture placement and selection..rather than draining out living room's life ...!!

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