Stone Tiles for spaces.

Stone tiles for your interiors and exteriors.Natural stone tiles are distinct and unique. They are available in wide array of shapes, sizes, and colors that give ceramic tile and natural stone endless design choices. 

The advantages of natural stone
  • Timeless, unique appearance
  • Design capabilities of through-body color material
  • Perceived value
  • Durable counter-tops and floors (granite)
  • May be re-polished if scratched

The disadvantages of natural stone
  • Ongoing re-sealing program is required
  • Limited chemical and stain resistance
  • Higher installation costs than ceramic tile
  • Product received seldom looks like the sample

They have unmatched strength and are durable for years. Mix up well with over all decor's. Always give royal touch of work and feel. 

Amazingly perfect for official and residential use. It puts on the charm back to your interior's. A simple fire place if created with stone tiles.. becomes special and elegant in its own way. An office lobby when blended with tiles stone design.. gives a formal and rough look as required. 
Ceramic and glazed tiles are common ... try to be bold enough to be choose the unique and uncommon language of design. 

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