Wall treatment- for different bedrooms.

Wall treatment depends totally upon the kind of room you are designing.. as all the room have their specific requirement and needs. Wall treatment doesn't mean putting on good paint, textures, fabrics, wood work etc. it means much more than that. It gives a complete look to the room.

Factors to be considered while working for a wall treatment of any room : 

  • Room size and shape.
  • Occupants age and personal style.
  • Purpose of the room.

  • What will suit the best to the wall. (texture, wood work, colors, wall paper, wall sticker, racks etc)
  • Bed design and decor.

  • Light effects. (natural and artificial illumination)
  • Requirement of the occupant. 

Such few things if taken care of ..  becomes easy and more appealing for the work to be done on the wall. 
We need to create design .. just not to show or apply..in fact, to impress the whole design concept for years. Let spaces love you back after your finishing job of pampering to them. 

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