Cool Combo's for Summer.

Heat of humid dirty summer is always killing.. You need to put up yourself in the space which is much more cool .. have that calming effect and gives a relaxing harmony to your senses.

Figure out your interiors with cool colors ..let the walls get absorbed in the cool hues of blue, green with the pure combination of white to it.

Catch up the eye smoothing effect with hues of blueish tints .. ! Such combination is an evergreen combination..which mixes up well with all the seasons and decor's. 

Reduce the effect of heat .. with some fabrics as well... ! Include curtains, blinds, bed sheets, etc. into the blend of cool combinations. 

If its not wall paints which can be changed in every 6 months or a year .. then you may jump upon the super combo's of wall papers. Easy to install and change accordingly whenever you feel like. 

Slip covers, curtains, blinds, bed-sheets .. etc. are more easy options which carry changing flexibility year round. Its your home..make it more cool and calm..with appropriate changes for this summer. 

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