Designing close to nature.

Interior designing is a profession where we are free to create our home and offices according to our choice .. and likes. We have the freedom to live our designs as we like them to be. If you are a nature lover person.. wanna be close to nature.. here are few refreshing ideas .. which can bring you really close to nature forever.

Let the free flow of sunlight .. and air enter your room..through the wall size windows.. open area.. and skylights. Get a refreshing look every morning ..n count stars lying inside your room.

Create few walls with glass panels ..rather than of bricks or wood. Let nature hug you every morning, evening.. and night. Glow up your world with natural light .. shinning stars.. and cool air. 
Glass panels, glass doors, glass walls .. are few of the options which join your hands to invite nature to your home and rooms.

Its simple part of designing..with a very elegant and dignified look. Go green with your open up glass surroundings .. walls and panels. Get the pleasure of living under the stars and hugging sunlight every day.

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