Inner Courtyard Designs & Tips

A courtyard inside the house can be a peaceful relaxing area. They give you the feel of the outdoors and the privacy of your home.
Inner courtyards a special place to sit back and relax.. !! Pamper them.. love them.. give them that adorable touch which you always wanted to give to your own personal private place to count stars under the sky.

Cushion them up for a comfortable soft seating.. get more of the leg room with benches or stool. For that of the natural look ..use of Wooden flooring ... wooden furniture ..accessories is recommended. 

Cover few patches with limestone, pebbles, grass.. etc. For that wow feel... accommodate a small sweet pond around with few of the seasonal flowers and colorful pots. Rest leave on the illumination effects. Your exterior private place is all set to give you the pleasure of evening ..and freshness of morning.

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