Interiors in style - 2014.. !

Interior designing has taken shape of more stylish and elegant looks this season .. take look..and try to grasp the beauty of season's amazing touch to design and decor for your home n offices. 

Stylish furniture with classy accessories .... simplicity personified with elegance is the style mantra of this year. 

Wall treatment when done on a vacant wall ... fills in the foundation of design idea .. and gives a glamours look to the stylish interiors. Its like..adding a compliment to your well designing dwelling. 

Colorful light shades, hanging lights, rugs, carpets , different kind of abstract modern art paintings, different design furniture is simply the successful experimenting of different ideas under one roof... !!

Pop up your walls with some 80's and 60's fashion pictures ... blossom your world of design with some funky..yet attractive colors .. give a try to florescent tones .. wooden flooring.. glass ceiling etc. 

Play with such ideas to give a make over to your present interior's. Fab will be the combination of contrast colors .. frosted glass ... wood .. and texture adding a pinch of salt to your concept. 

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