Long Walls Decor.

Long walls have their own need to be fulfilled ..in terms to designing and to get a better ..fully covered and dressed up look.
Here sharing few ideas of such wall dressing ..for long walls..which might help you up with some simple and easy solutions for your lengthy walls.

Cover them randomly with some ..digital art prints, tiles, wall papers etc. Or fix it up with different kind of wall art paintings, pictures, wall hangings etc. Let them get dressed up in a united harmonized manner of design sense.

It may a partition wall ..of office, living room, residence, it may be a part of rooms structural walls. You just need to cover it with all your love and creation to give it a unique and sweet look.

Different kind of pictures ... digital color pallet ... 3d tiles art.. are few of the latest and amazing options to carry on for dressing up a long wall. 

How amazing it is.. wall gives a full fledged room ..cover.. privacy to us.. then why can't we provide a super dress up to it...!! Come lets make walls happy for happier spaces.

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