Trendy 2014 Ceiling Designs.

Ceilings occupy a secretive important place in interiors... and if ceiling work in not done properly it showcases a bad piece  of incomplete work by a designer. False ceiling design is important at few areas like :

  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Office areas
  • Reception 
  • Big halls for meeting, conference etc. 
Here in this section of the post..we will be discussing about false ceiling designs for big halls, reception halls, office place etc. 

Few things have to be taken into consideration before preparing false ceiling design and plan for hall/ reception areas :

  • Shape and size of the room.
  • Number of people to be seated
  • Color of the room.
  • Floor design - stone, tiled, wood or carpeted. 
  • Kind of furniture used.

Let the false ceiling design be :

  • Trendy and latest. 
  • Suitable with the ambiance of the room.
  • Do not keep it too heavy. 
  • Installation of proper illumination..(false ceiling lights) are important to get that final smoothing look.
  • Avoid using any dark color for ceiling design. 
  • Mix well if planning a contrast.

Its not a difficult task to work on .. in fact it's an interesting job to accomplish. Ceilings are sensitive.. your appropriate choice of material, color, light effects etc. can create amazing designs giving a complete look to the room.. and even one single mistake could ruin up all the decor of the room.  

Cover the ceiling with a personal touch ... give it a formal and comfortable look. Mix well with design ideas and room requirements. 

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