Vertical Indoor Garden.

Vertical indoor garden ..a trendy and Eco friendly way to design and decor. In reality, what looks merely decorative is a carefully planned and balanced system of water, nutrients, power system, pumping, and of course plant-friendly lighting.

It's a garden with a lot of technology behind its relaxing green facade. 

You need to take care of this tech-garden .. basically maintenance step are :

  • Appropriate sunlight or lighting according to your plants.
  • Choose durable plants that have shallow roots and do not require a lot of water.
  • A UV filter so grey water could be used.

  • ·  Inspect plants for overall health and moisture levels.
  • ·  Trim and clean of all foliage as necessary.
  • ·  Inspect plants for pests or disease.
  • ·  Inspect water level in the holding tank and replenish as necessary.
  • ·  Remove of any debris from the holding tank as necessary.
  • ·  Inspect pumps and timers and clean filters.
  • ·  Apply fertilizer through the irrigation system as necessary.
  • ·  Replace any failed plants or irrigation components.

Vertical garden goes well at :

  • Living room.
  • Bedroom.
  • Balcony.
  • Office Cabin
  • Waiting zones at office spaces.
  • Place it at small office desk.
  • Office lobby.
Well to do .. excellent to place .. and always green fresh to get. An appropriate choice for Eco-friendly and green interior's. Trendy.. stylish... and evergreen.

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