Kids Study Room Colors.

Kids and their world is so different and innocent from us. They share special kind of bonding with their imaginations .. their world.. likes and dislikes. Comfort them with their likes ... by turning their imaginative world into a real one with the help of interior designing. 
Kids study room is one of the place which is very secretive..private .. and personal space for every kid. They want it to be adored in hues of bright and soft shades (according to their choice and age). Colors for kids study room should pull him/her to the room and inspire them to spend their most of the time in learning and playing.

Color up the room walls with smoothing and soft colors . Match up perfectly with room furniture color. For a tricky play .. one can go for contrast combination to capture the attention of your kid.
Learning is a heavy time taking process in itself..make it fun..light .. with superior sweet color combos to support your kids learning and fun time. 

Red + White = Classy combos for teens.
Pink + Purple = Well designed room for kids under 5 years of age.
Blue + Yellow = Bold and beautiful touch to the room.
Green + Yellow = Brightest and attractive color combo.
Orange + White = Delicate and sophisticated for kids above 5 Years of age.

Few things matters the most.. while dressing up the wall of kids study room :

  • Age group.
  • Furniture designing, decor and color.
  • Kids nature in general.
  • Weather its for prince charming (boy) kid or for a princess (girl) kid.
  • Location of the room in the plan layout.
  • Location of doors & windows. 
  • Amount of artificial illumination installation. 

Coloring kids room is a playful challenge .. to get that bright yet soft combination ... sophisticated still bold class . Remember.. kids grow very fast.. so are their choices and changing moods, favorite color choice, combinations etc. So try to comfort them will the hues and shades which might settle them down for next up coming five years. 

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