My Jewelry Showroom Designs.

Here sharing my Jewelry showroom designs after its successful completion and opening of the shop. This shop is located in the main market of my city.. Durgapur, West Bengal India.

Google sketch-up  ..used to present my design idea to my client.

Day before final handover of the showroom .. 

Main entrance of the shop.

Main display counter of the shop in Z shape. 

Electrical and wire box .. being designed to get that over all designer look.

Main mirror wall of the jewelry showroom.

Main display racks of the showroom. 

Simple sofa seating. Designed according to the over all design idea.

Main mirror wall.. click taken from different angle. 

The texture effect on one wall and partial ceiling.

Finally the false ceiling...with design..and electrical effects.

Project accomplished with lots of memories.. design challenges and hard-work...!! 

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