Bedroom with Storage ideas.

Bedroom and storage are inter-related to each other. At times its very difficult to get ample of storage space in your bedroom because of the huge furniture size which occupies most of the floor space. But apart from floor why do we forget about the inside furniture storage, wall to wall storage, floor to ceiling storage etc. 

Make good use of wall space creating floor to ceiling storage space with some open racks, closed cabinets, shelves etc. Take full advantage of bedroom walls to get most of the hidden storage space.

Make maximum use of hidden storage inside furniture like beds, wardrobe, dressing table. Arrange your wardrobe with different compartments, drawers, shelves, hangers etc. to get the most of the utilization of the space. Create storage space behind the mirror of your dressing table. 

But remember one thing..creating storage space in your bedroom or utilizing wall area for storage space doesn't mean to create mess in your bedroom. Create the storage ideas with balanced work .. creating symmetrical and well harmonized open and close cabinets .. racks and shelves. 

Make your bedroom more comfortable .. well organized and well designed with your creative ideas and personal touch. 

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