Country style Villa - Inside design story.

Country style villas inside design stories .. get a glamours , amazing and loving country style villa for your holidays sweet holidays. They are special in their own way, have a sincere, respectable and very loving place in everyone's heart but do you know what makes it so special and lovable...... come its explore the inside design story of a country style villa. 

The very first and foremost appeal and attraction comes with their location. As they are so well connected to nature, it gives an immense sense of relaxation, love, peace, calm etc. to be in that particular place and spend your holidays with your loved one's. Close to nature, surrounded by nature, have a great landscape designing around the outer yard area, all these makes it more than perfect and complimenting for a relaxing holiday and a stay.

The outer yard designing which is so special in its own way, traditional yet cozy, at time have raw surface areas yet so original and amazing. All such things makes it more sweet and adorable to stay back. They are the supporting system of this wonderful country style villa architecture. 

The amazing way of putting in the things, carrying up the design stuff is so unique. Very different, very attractive with your regular design patterns and style. This makes country style villa give you a real feel of your ancestral flavors and touch. 

Huge bedrooms yet so cozy with the design settings, giving a pure feel of romance, emotions and peace. The clever living area which always invites us to sit back and enjoy the time with family and friends. Attic styling, some walls with raw bricks, stone texture, fire place, huge sofa with a cozy and comfortable lap to accommodate you, white curtains, etc. are the few secretive tools of country styling to provoke your senses to be back again and again. 

Big wall window glasses, clear walls without any texture adored with white paints or cream paints, calls in the era back which is lost somewhere and is always precious. Some wonderful settings of pebbles at the outer yard or inner yard area with some rose petals around, greenery around, huged with herbs and floor grass, with some vertical plants climbing your walls .. amazing ..isn't it..!

Walls with big wall clocks, mirrors, some fans with period designing, furniture groomed  in Rocco period, baron period or Hellenistic styling gives the ultimate flavor of period upholstery and adds in a touching beauty to the country style villa designing. 

Use of some wrought iron furniture at the outer yard, with some batten style doors, wall mounted lights, a big chandelier in the living room,  are the few patent style of the country villa design but without these tools of designing country villa styling is incomplete and so fake. 

So it was simple and original secret to the inside design story of country style villa. Make good use of material in a raw style, without adding any modern touch to it. Let the rocks, stones, wood, iron, etc. be in their original form, more you groom it .. you may loose the beauty of country styling villa. 

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