Rooms- Sectional Elevations.

Elevations helps us to know frontal, back, side views of a furniture and a building but when we get inside the building to get the sectional elevation of the particular space we get wall to wall elevation of the room. Therefore, we get to know about the wall to wall furniture and accessory placement of the respective room. It is getting the clear picture of placement of furniture, wall colors, accessories, architectural components (doors, windows, lintels, etc.) inside a respective room.

Just like 2D and 3D floor plan with furniture layout is important, sectional elevation of the rooms is also important to gather up all the views together and convey your wall to wall design ideas to the client. It is a 2D presentation but as effective as 3D work.They are equally important as isometric views, perspective views etc. 

To get outside details/ frontal details of a building we go for frontal elevations and get all the details of architecture, landscaping, color selection etc. Same goes with sectional elevation of the room, get all the details (minor and major) and easily convey your design details to the client with effective and impressive 2D drawing style and prefect measurements. Slice the room according to the walls and show your design ideas, placement of furniture, measurement details, placement details etc. 

Sectional elevations may sound bit old but always remember "old is gold" and this kind of drawings help you showing details of each and every wall of the respective room. 

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