Silk plaster liquid wallpaper for interiors.

With the upcoming new trends, designs, impressive innovative ideas and new technologies construction and architecture has reached its apex point of creativity and interior designing. With its ever growing fast innovations it gave us paints, textures, 3D wallpapers etc. and now its time to look up at the new innovation of wall covering - yes, I am talking about "silk plaster liquid wallpaper" for interiors. 
Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper is a wall and ceiling coating, which consists of only natural products: silk and cellulose fibers, decorative mineral additives and adhesive. They are Eco-friendly, easy to apply and fits your pocket as well. 

Silk plaster liquid wallpaper can be used not only at your home sweet home but also at your work space that means offices, conference rooms, office cabins, reception desk etc. They always look great at any space and the endless variety gives pleasure to choose upon according to your room theme, design and over all decors.. moreover gold or silver glitters in the form of small dots or thin filaments will add the solemnity and luxurious looks to the any place or space it is applied at. 

They are easy to apply, they give us opportunity of "DIY" - do it yourself work. These wallpapers are natural, odorless and environment friendly which is very important these days. They don't show any joints or cuts, that's why they are more preferred by the designers to get a smooth and plastic touch finishing at the respective space or room. They are very elastic, ready to use instantly as soon as you add water to it. 

These silk plaster liquid wallpaper hides uneven, patched and faded walls without too much of extra expenses. They can be partially repaired if required any time, does not show any cracks after drying or after the long time of its installation. They are long lasting durable material which even do not absorb dust and dirt. It is one the the additional heat, sound and moisture insulator. Market is so full of its unending variety, colors and textures to suit your requirement and mix up well with your design needs. 

Silk plaster liquid wallpapers are unique, have stainless finish and a bright vibrant touch which gives a feel of royal and class interiors whenever and wherever used at. Basically they are a perfecr finish for a bedroom, kitchen, office, hotel lobbies, hotel reception area, kids room etc. No limitation for any kind of formal or informal use. So, time to get the new touch and unique feel of silk plaster liquid wallpapers for your super special and loving interiors..!!

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