Modern splash of Victorian design.

Victorian designs had always being impressive and loved by all but with the changing time, personal choices they are just found in pictures now. What if we get them back in our modern life with a modern touch of styling and new splash of impressive looks. 

It will be like re-adding the flavor of Victorian age to your modern and contemporary house and villas. Let each and every inch speak royal, luxurious and classy with its unique touch of modernization with the pinch of old age. 

Let your living room, bedroom, home study, small library, etc. go really appreciating and awesome just by adding the old Victorian styling in a modern touch of slight curves, light lofts, huge ceiling heights, long curtains, silk upholstery, colorful cushions of today's era etc.

 Make it more precious and ultimate with few heart touching accessories like chandelier, table lamps, flower vases on the mantel or on the study table etc. Its your home.. make it lovable and large with small yet impressive Victorian art, painting, etc. Carpet the floor with traditional designs or some modern touch. Basically you need to comfort the floor to match it up well with the Victorian class and touch. 

Choose in the furniture which might looks heavy but had a light weight to be flexible enough to match up your daily life and requirements. Heavy designs and looks comes from the space of Victorian art where as light weight furniture is the touch of modernization and styling. You need to blend both equally to get an amazing flavor or modern splash of Victorian designs in your home sweet home. 

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Englander Line said...

Wow was the expression when I viewed this victorian furniture at a store here in Croydn, London that had the best of everything, starting from intricate hand carving, ornate wood work, rich hand polishing and gorgeous upholstery work that reminded me of that grand Victorian Era when furniture design was simply gorgeous and sublime with extensive attention to detailing. Hope the luxury armchair that I bought for my country house in Swindon, perfectly matches with the ambience.

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