Yoga Room/ Yoga Studio Design.

Creating a room or a studio for Yoga sessions is I guess one of the most interesting and sweet job to be done as a designer. It hardly takes any of the hard work efforts, huge budgets, etc. and the outcome of the work done is simply so peaceful and satisfy for your inner soul as a designer. 
Perhaps to get the most perfect designed yoga room or studio we need to focus on few essential elements of Yoga which is directly connected to the design of the room. Such elements include: 

  • Peace
  • Positive atmosphere
  • Relaxation
  • Inner calm 
  • Comfort 

To achieve all the elements discussed above we need to bring all the discipline of design together to form a healthy and happy yoga rooms or a studio. Accommodate yoga sessions in such a space which is quite large enough to work easily and focus on your session without any obstruction of space, getting connected to your yoga teacher or friends. Avoid any kind of unwanted furniture in the room. Keep it vacant from huge furniture, unwanted accessories and disturbing elements like noise, pollution, etc. Keep the room well connected with nature through some big glass windows, glass walls etc. 

Avoid any kind of hard surface as flooring to give a comfortable and relaxing feel to maintain the comfort of yoga sessions. Avoid marble, any stone flooring, tiles, vinyl, linoleum, etc. Use of hardwood is optimal in yoga rooms or yoga studious. No need to use carpet for any of the floor comfort. They are dust absorbent and they may create a dirt element for your yoga sessions. Use yoga mats, bolster, blocks or blankets to get a padded surface for yoga sessions. 

Soon after you are done with Yoga room planning and layout, other comforts etc. its time to focus on Yoga room/ studio colors. Inner colors of the interior walls of the specific space. Keep it light, warmish and smoothing for a relaxing feel and touch. You may go for light yellow, cream, pure white, light blue and light green walls. Avoid any kind of wall art, wall texture paints and 3D effects. Keep it simple, calm and smoothing for the real relaxation and peace. 

To create positive and motivational factor in the room do create a focal point of emphasis and positive vibes by placing an idol of  any God or painting OM on of the walls of the room. Make it more relaxing and positive with some of the indoor plants, pebbles etc. Such things generate the inner positive feel in you. Yoga is more or less all about getting a positive feel with good health. 

Last but not the least, lighting up the yoga room or yoga studio. Natural light is the best source to rejuvenate lost energy, lost you, through yoga sessions. Whatever, natural light works best for morning session. To glow up the evening session install good quality ambient lighting. Avoid fluorescent lights. You may even go for candle lights to get the warmth and coziness to the room. But one need to supervise candle lights closely. You just can't light it up and forget it. 

So, make your yoga room or yoga studios with these designing tips and give in the best of yoga sessions with all the elements achieved in such a well designed yoga place.  

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