Foyer light design settings.

Foyers basically the entrance hall or open are of the building used to access the interiors and exteriors by the people. It can be said as the key of entrance inside the home, office, hotel etc. It can be a big hall types area or a small entrance space as well. But whatever the size may be as it is the first step inside a building should be well-designed, adored, illuminated for a pleasing welcome and to create a positive ambiance around. 

Illuminate the foyer area with lots of general light and decorative light. Decorative light may list up with modern, compact or traditional chandeliers. Keeping your foyer out of darkness and dullness is one of the most important thing. Let the entrance of your home sweet home be lighted up and well decorated. 

While providing the general lighting you need to greet your guest, family and friends with the warmth of some decorative and aesthetic light works as well to assure safe,lighted up passage to the other rooms of the house, office, hotel etc. 

You may go for flush mounted, semi-flush mounted, pendant lights, chandeliers, florescent foyer lights etc. depending upon your light requirements, area, personal choices and budget. Not just install the lighting but do keep a control on lighting with the variety available in the market. 

Different kind of light shades for hanging lights, flush lights and semi-flush lights plays a good medium of controlling the amount of light to be emitted according to your choices. As too much of sharp lighting may glare up the eye sight and on the other hand dull lighting may ruin up your designing plans keeping the area in darkness and dullness.  

Charm up your foyer entrance hall or area with decorative and general illumination to get a dull free and elegant look. Greet your guests with the best be ambiance and warm welcome with such light settings. Light up the way to your home interiors with seductive and sweet settings of light. 

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