High-Tech Beds.

Beds now a days have a new definition. Yes they are just not merely a bed to comfort yourself or to lay down when you are tired. Beds with high tech features gives you much more facilities and comfort then you think...!! 

Inherent feature to these beds are :
  • An internet connection, either through wifi or internet. 
  • An entire audio-visual system with an HD video projector and 5-point audio system that includes drivers mounted beneath the mattress—hook up an iPod, watch cable TV or DVDs or stream media online.
  • Mechanized curtains and a drop-down screen that can be used to completely enclose the mattress.
  • LED lighting under, above and around the bed—turn on a reading light, create your own light show or set a sensual mood.

All these features can be controlled with a touch screen within your comfort reach. It is not just bed infact they are the master piece, single stroke of design and complete package of technology within your reach and comfort zone.

Uplift your living style, enhance your bedroom styling and comfort yourself with the super sophisticated well equipped high tech bed. No need to leave your comfort zone just put on lights or switch on the television or to get an internet connection. All is available for you just with a touch in your bed itself. 

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