Ceiling Design.

Ceiling...... at times the most ignored and unimportant area left to be designed and decorated. Why do we forget ..its a part of room..without a ceiling..room is incomplete. Give a try on your ceiling..beautify them..with your design idea's and decors. 

Give your ceiling a 3d look.. waves looks.. decor it with wooden plunks, with different types of textures and lights. Best way to .. design a ceiling is to create false ceiling with different materials.. like gypsum board, wood, fibers, glass etc. and to enhance its beauty..proper use of light is important. 

Give your tender ..bedrooms.. kids room.. living area.. informal ..and cute looks with different types of ceilings.. designs.. paints etc. Cultivate your design idea's in a simple and sweet manner..rather than creating a mess of it on the name of designing. 

Give your office spaces a formal and tough look with such formal ceiling design idea's. There's no need to cover the full ceilings with designs and false ceiling decor's.. you can go for half false ceiling designs, wood planks designs, glass studs design..texture designs.. depending upon your design work and budget.

So... do not leave ceilings behind.. give them your touch of design and decor's with perfect lighting placement and use. Remember ... wonderful designs are always created with everything is perfect and taken into consideration. 


Unknown said...

syarat rumah sebagai hunian dan tempat tinggal agar betah untuk tinggal adalah sebuah rumah haruslah nyaman , hal ini tak harus di isi dengan barang barang mewah saja namun juga dengan dekorasi sederhana dan penataan yang rapih .

untuk memiliki persyaratan nyaman tersebut kita ambil contoh adalah dengan memberi dekorasi pada dinding rumah , agar terlihat unik dan lain daripada yang lain , anda bisa menambahkan panel dinding 3 dimensi yang akan menambah kesan artistik dan mewah , walaupun panel dinding dekoratif 3 dimensi itu sendiri harganya sangat terjangkau untuk masyarakat.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this information.i think false ceiling design varies for each room and each home and depending on the available space.

Annette said...

How was that wavy look in the third picture from the top accomplished? I want that texture for my dream home.It could be painted to look like water. I want an underwater theme. How is that done?

sobia said...

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